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Flexible automation solutions for pharmaceutical distribution

Do you want to optimize your processes while rendering them more stable during peak hours? What if you could do that and still decrease the number of incorrectly picked orders while reducing personnel costs and theft rate? Increasing your degree of automation with the solutions on offer from BD Rowa™ technologies allows you to boost your quality and enhance long-term savings potential.


Our solutions developed specifically for pharmaceutical distribution are suitable for a wide range of warehouse and storeroom sizes, process workflows, and order structures. Thanks to the scalability it is also possible to select the degree of automation to reflect your personal requirements.

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Order picking

Our hardware and software take over the complete automation of large orders. Medication is picked based on the order, filled into boxes, and placed on a conveyor belt. Reliable and safe medication management.

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From fully automatic input to refrigeration concepts, right through to installation in restricted-access rooms for controlled substances, BD Rowa™ solutions are easily tailored to suit your individual requirements.

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Added efficiency every step of the way – completely automatically!

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Advancing the world of health.


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We offer you comprehensive advice and work together with you to find the best solution for your requirements. Our flat-rate service agreements offer you security and complete cost control. We will be happy to advise and train your team at any time.


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You invest in our solutions for the long term – so we ensure that you can reap the benefits for a long time, with regular updates and add-ons. We think innovation. Seize the opportunity and benefit too!