Rowa® Box-System. Automatic order picking.

Our flexible automation solutions simplify the execution of order-picking jobs considerably – regardless of their size.

From provision of the boxes to their filling right up to secure completion of the order – thanks to the perfect interaction of our Rowa Vmax and Rowa Box-Picking Unit, the Mosaic control software and tailored conveyor technology – we offer you an almost completely automated process. The solutions allow enormous space and resource savings and are customized to suit your personal requirements. This facilitates reliable and cost-effective order picking even in pharmacies where space is limited.



The right solution for your requirements:

Thanks to the wide variety of system options available, the degree of automation can be customized to suit your current workflows and budget perfectly.

Rowa Mosaic

Control software connects the storage system with the ERP system and ensures that the medication is always output into the right box.

Rowa Vmax

Represents the filling point in the system. Is connected to the ERP system and receives the data for the picking job from the Mosaic software.

Rowa Box-Picking Unit

Automated box destacking. Makes it possible to save a great deal of space when storing the boxes.

Rowa conveyor technology

The Rowa Box-Picking Unit is always combined with a conveyor belt, which supplies and temporarily stores the boxes.

Manual order picking

Optional. The manually picked order can also be scanned with a special hand-held scanner using a bar code. 

Components at a glance

Rowa Box-System supports intelligent distribution.