Rowa ProLog® / Rowa iProLog®
The fully automatic inputting system

With the fully automatic input system from CareFusion | Rowa you can tap additional economic potential using the intelligent software functions. Available as either an external or fully integrated solution.


The manual input of new goods ties up staff resources. With the Rowa ProLog and Rowa iProLog, the manual steps involved in inputting goods are completely automated. The system couldn’t be simpler: empty out the warehouse crate and press “Start”. The system does the rest – fully automated, around the clock. Reading of 2D barcodes and recognition of expiry dates* ensures even greater warehousing precision.



Rowa iProLog: the internal solution.

The Rowa iProLog allows goods to be input directly into the Rowa Vmax completely automatically. Semi-automatic input via the input belt is also possible at the same time. Thanks to this integrated solution, you only have one device which handles all input tasks for you.

Rowa ProLog: the external solution

With the external Rowa ProLog, the system can be loaded from almost anywhere: directly into the system, remotely from the system using Rowa conveyor technology and even from a different story or goods inward gate. This ensures maximum flexibility for the adaptation to your workflows.

Rowa ProLog Software

The completely revised software guarantees interruption-free and fully automatic input. The following functions are covered:

  • Measuring of packages
  • Scanning and interpretation of barcodes
  • Reading of printed and punched expiry dates*
  • Simple post-processing of expiry dates possible*

* OCR function (reading of expiry dates and batch numbers) will be available in the near future